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Raw goat's milk cheese, soft paste and flowery skin made by hand with goats from their own herd. A shepherd's cheese.

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Country Spain

Serrat Gros is a raw goat's milk cheese, acid curd, soft paste and flowery skin. They make it in an artisanal way, from the milk of their own herd, which goes out to graze daily accompanied by someone from the team.

The herd is made up of alpine breed goats. This breed tolerates cold and altitude very well, conditions that occur in Josa. That's why they feel so good. Every day of the year they go out to graze and feed on the forest and high mountain pastures.

The elaboration of this cheese is completely handmade: molded with a ladle –moulé à la louche-. With lactic coagulation and soft paste, they work it for 4 days in the workshop and then spend about 8 weeks maturing in the cellar. A characteristic of these cheeses is their flowery skin, which can be eaten and gives it a peculiar taste. From spring to autumn, they make it every day, since during the lactation of their goats they are milking them every 12 hours.

It is a particular cheese, slowly drained, soft paste and matured in a natural cellar where it is made little by little. It is wrapped in raw cotton for better conservation.

Net weight: 300-350g approx.

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