Our history

Pica Pica Ya is the merfer of two family businesses. On the one hand, the phisical store of high-end gourmet products that was founded more than 30 years ago and on the other, a native online company that sells premium wines and spirits. With the birth of Pica Pica Ya, the best of both worlds, the physical and the digital, the delivacies and the toasts, come together. Pica Pica Ya is already an ode to the good life, join the celebration!

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, and we have experience sending gastronomy both to Spain and to countries of the European Union, and we also do it via digital, advising and solving your doubts in a personalized way. Don't you know which wine to choose or with which delicatessen to pair it? Don't worry, contact us, our specialty is making you lick your lips and lick your fingers.

Pica Pica Ya was born with a clear sensivity for sustainability. All our packaging is recyclable and we try to minimize the use of plastics. Part of our happiness lies in joining us to try to make a better world.

Our brand

Our online store was born in 2021, but we are very clear about where we are going and how we will do it.

Our mission

Create happy moments to celebrate good times with family and friends. At Pica Pica Ya we already want to be the reference brand for good palates.

Our vision

Leading the sale of high quality gourmet products and premium wines and spirits offering a close and efficient customer service. We want to create excellent gastronomic experiences.

Our values

Honesty, quality, proximity, passion, happiness, delicacy, sustainability, demand and efficiency.