Garrotxa Cheese Blancafort


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Goat cheese with a crisp and tasty flavor, with a creamy and smooth texture that melts on the palate.

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Country Spain

Garrotxa is a cured cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk, with fungi on the outside that form a smooth crust. Crisp and tasty flavor, with a creamy and smooth texture, it melts on the palate. The nature of the fungi on the skin give it its final taste.

Goat cheese with a moldy rind. Garrotxa is a cheese recovered from a traditional cheese made by the shepherds of the Banyoles area, which thanks to the work and research of various cheesemakers was re-elaborated and adapted to the new times. Over the years this cheese has acquired great national and international prestige.

Net weight: 850g approximately

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