Extra Medium Asparagus Buds Viuda de Cayo

Viuda de Cayo Sainz


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White asparagus from Navarra, without fibers and with the characteristic mild bitter point of the Asparagus Denomination of Navarra.

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Country Spain

Always cultivated close to their facilities, the climate and the fertile soil of the Navarran bank of the Ebro give them unique characteristics. Harvesting is done manually between the months of April and June. They try to collect them at night or first thing in the morning to preserve them from direct sunlight and so that they can be made in the hours following their collection, thus keeping their properties intact.

In Viuda de Cayo they make their asparagus in a traditional way, scalding them before peeling so that the skin protects their properties and aromas, thus achieving a product of extraordinary flavor and quality.

Net Weight: 200g

Drained weight: 115g

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