Piquillo peppers stuffed with T-bone steak and Foie 4 pieces Rosara

Conservas Rosara


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Can of Piquillo peppers stuffed with ribeye and foie in grape sauce.

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Country Spain

They select the best Piquillo peppers and roast them with beech wood. They peel them without water so that they do not lose their flavor, they fill them with a delicate béchamel with authentic beef ribeye and a block of duck foie gras. It is a very laborious process with a delicious result. The final touch is the grape sauce with a light touch of Port wine

It is recommended to remove them carefully with a spoon and then pour the sauce on top. To heat them, the best thing to do is in a bain-marie (before opening the container), in the oven at a medium temperature or in a saucepan over low heat. It can be presented with slices of roasted potato, white rice castle, sautéed mushrooms or mushrooms, apple and pear, fresh grilled foie, etc.

Net weight: 250g

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