Eggplant Hummus Rosara

Conservas Rosara


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Hummus spread at room or cold temperature, based on roasted aubergines (mutabal or baba ganoush).

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Country Spain
Vegan product Yes
Without gluten Yes

It is a spreadable cream at room or cold temperature based on roasted aubergines. It has a creamy texture, with a predominance of aubergine flavor with a smoky touch and well accompanied by tahina (sesame paste), lemon and spices.

It is recommended to drink cold or at room temperature. Spread directly with Lebanese bread, toast, pita bread, steamed or grilled vegetable sticks (carrot, zucchini... etc.), corn triangles, potato chips... etc. The container can be emptied and presented on a plate or bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, sweet paprika, chopped fresh coriander... etc.

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