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If you are passionate about cheese or want to have a detail with someone who loves cheese, this is your pack. Cheeses carefully selected and packaged at the same time we receive the order.

1 x Portion Moliterno cheese with Tartufo (150g approx)

1 x Portion of Comté Reservation Cru cheese aged for 24 months (250g approx)

1 x Torralba Semi-dry Mahón cheese portion (150g approx)

1 x Portion Parmesan Regiano cheese from Montagne 24 months Giorgio Cravero (180g approx)

1 x La Jalancina Raspberry Jam (285g)

Moliterno al Tartufo cheese is a raw sheep's milk cheese that belongs to the "Pecorino" group of cheeses, a name that comes from the Italian word "Pécora" (sheep) and is a mature cheese with an authentic flavor and a powerful truffle aroma. , its truffled veining is obtained by injecting a paste made from black truffle that spreads by itself in the cheese, resulting in its precious veining.

Comté Reservation Cru cheese is a French raw cow's milk cheese cooked from pressed paste and aged for a minimum of 24 months. Its paste is yellow, sweet and unctuous.

Mahón Torralba cheese is a cheese made with raw cow's milk on the island of Menorca. These cheeses are completely handmade and do not use molds in their preparation, we can affirm that no two cheeses are the same.

Parmigiano Regiano de Montagne Giorgio Cravero is a cheese made from raw, skimmed cow's milk from the night's milking and raw (full-fat) milk from the next morning's milking. It has a minimum curing time of 24 months and comes from the selection of cheeses in the region of Tuscany and Emilia, from small dairies that make them by hand.

Finally, in this pack you will find a jar of La Jalancina Raspberry Jam, it is a traditional jam that everyone always likes, so that you can finish delighting yourself and enjoying these delicious cheeses.

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