Vermouth Fot-li Reserva Fórmula Antiga

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Fot-li is much more than a vermouth, it is a cry of enthusiasm that invites you to dare, to live, to take advantage of the most valuable thing we have: our time. Tempus fugit, Fot-Li.

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Volume 75cl
Country Spain
Alcohol content 16,0%
Grape White Grenache

How could it be otherwise, Fot-li is made and bottled in Reus. The back of your bottle has the seal that certifies it. After the success of Fot-li, this reserve vermouth was born.

Fot-li Fórmula Antiga aims to pay tribute to the first vermouths of Reus, with more body, complexity and marked aromatic notes.

With a production limited to 9,000 bottles, Fot-li Reserva Fórmula Antiga vermouth is handcrafted in oak barrels with 31 botanicals following the traditional method of Reus. Part of the coupage is 40-year-old wine made using the soleras system.

They use 31 botanical components of which thyme, orange peel, vanilla, angelica, lemon peel, licorice root, cardamom, oregano, nutmeg, fennel... stand out.

Fot-li Reserva Fórmula Antiga vermouth is dark brown with amber reflections. Dense tear. Its botanical components appear on the nose as well as the pleasant touch of solera wine. In the mouth it is unctuous.

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