Don Papa MassKara Rum

Bleeding Heart Rum


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Made in small batches on the island of Negros Occidental, in the Philippines, known for the high quality of sugar cane, one of the best in the world, thanks to the perfect combination of climate, geography and the rich volcanic soil of the island.

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Volume 70cl
Spirit Rum
Country Philippines
Alcohol content 40,0%
Contains case Yes

Its delicate golden brown tint radiates an Asian charm. The producers are convinced that a little Don Papa Sleeps in every human being. What is meant is, obviously, the character of the patron and revolutionary of the same name who once worked in the sugar cane fields. In the extraordinary of sugar cane, spirits are the alluring flavors of Asia. These include, in addition to the sugar cane chili, honey and the delicate Philippine lemon power Calamansi. Sharpness, sweetness and a touch of elegant mandarin combine with spicy, smoky and fruity notes to form an extraordinary product. The large quantities of Don Papa do not benefit the producers. Even a skillful mix like this MassKara comes from so-called small batches. If you often buy rum or are passionate about this spirit, you already know the solution: small batches are the description of distillates, which are generally produced and bottled in limited quantities.

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