Ratafia de l'Àvia

Destil·leries del Maresme


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Destil·leries del Maresme is one of the liquor stores that have survived from the many that existed in the region in the last century.

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Volume 70cl
Country Spain
Alcohol content 26,0%

Ratafia de l'Àvia is a digestive liqueur made with an aniseed alcoholic base that combines local ingredients such as the delicious green walnuts from Tarragona and various types of herbs. The company Destilerías del Maresme created this powerful, sweet and concentrated liquor full of complex and exceptional aromas more than 30 years ago.

This popular ratafia was launched onto the market in the mid-1980s and is prepared using a traditional recipe that has passed from generation to generation, which basically consists of a maceration of selected herbs and green walnuts from Tarragona, in a liqueur semi-sweet aniseed Later caramelized sugar is added to give it that toasty color and sweetness that characterizes this magnificent liqueur.

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