Ximénez-Spínola Delicado 2022



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Fruit essence with French oak soul…

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Volume 50cl
Country Spain
Alcohol content 13,0%
Grape Pedro Ximénez
Vintage 2022
Vino Fortified
Contains sulfites Yes
Serve at 14.0ºC

On the days of the "harvest", in the press they breathe essences of clean and ripe fruit. Normally, as the wine ages and oxidizes, these aromas give way to others of greater complexity and less olfactory and gustatory fruitiness. But in this wine they have preserved everything that a sweet Pedro Ximénez would have lost over time and the excessive contribution of oak.

In the visual phase, it is a clean and bright intense gold colour, nothing oxidized or cloudy, and maintaining the tones typical of a natural grape juice. There are no rims or notable differences in tonality in the glass from the different angles of observation of the taster. It does present glyceric tears typical of its natural fermentation.

At a still glass, the aromas of fleshy fruit stand out: peach, apricot and ripe but not raisined plum. When the glass is put in rotation, the pear and the green apple wake up, without the French oak contributing more than a slight nuance of bitter almond, which balances the exuberant profusion of its fruit manifestation.

In the mouth it is truly balanced from beginning to end, without any alcoholic perception of any kind and almost savoring the different nuances of the fruit that are enhanced in the back of the palate, which is totally clean thanks to the notable acidity achieved with the partial soleo in the "litters". The aftertaste is long, delicious, not heavy and extremely pleasant and fruity.

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