Vodka Citadelle 6C

Cognac Ferrand


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Clean, crystalline and bright French premium vodka, with aromas of grass and juniper and smooth taste and with a very fine texture.

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Volume 70cl
Spirit Vodka
Country France
Alcohol content 40,0%

Vodka Citadelle 6C is a French premium vodka handcrafted by the Cognac Ferrand distillery.

For its elaboration, this vodka is obtained from 6 distillations and 6 filtrations made from French Capet wheat, from the Île-de-France, using a special method designed by the same distillery in which the first five distillations are They are carried out by means of a column and the sixth and last, by means of a copper alembic, in which spices are added and, later, a carbon filtration process with micro-oxygenation is carried out.

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