Mombasa Club Gin (2L)

Mombasa Club Gin


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An exclusive gin from England and specially distilled and bottled for consumption and enjoyment by the partners of the British East Africa Protectorate, founded in 1885.

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Volume 200cl
Spirit Gin
Country United Kingdom
Alcohol content 41,5%

Colorless and bright, a vivid reflection of the purest English style.

Gin connoisseurs say that if it does not puncture (itches in the nose) or its botanicals are difficult to perceive, that is, it is complex, only then are we talking about a Premium gin. This is the case of Mombasa, which also reveals the juniper base, perfectly combined with coriander and the spicy notes of cassia and cumin.

We already know that trying a gin alone is not usual, but in this case it is worth taking a small amount to appreciate its aromatic power. Only gins that have quality botanicals leave a mark on the memory, like this one.

Its complexity and discretion make it one of the most versatile and appetizing gins on the market. It serves both for gin & tonic and for signature cocktails.

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