Whisky Lagavulin 10 Year Old

Lagavulin Distillery


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The definitive Islay malt—intensely flavoured, smoky and rich. The windswept Isle of Islay instils a strength of character into everything it produces and its here, nestled in a small bay that our beloved whisky has been made for over 200 years.

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Volume 70cl
Spirit Whisky
Country Scotland
Alcohol content 43,0%
Contains case Yes

The Lagavulin 10 Year Old Whisky is sweet and salty at first, before building to a fiery crescendo with a spicy, smoky finish.

This new edition has a charming exuberance and a pleo character. What makes this single malt unique is the combination of spare, bourbon, and freshly-burnt casks that they use in its creation. Bourbon barrels add sweetness to the flavor and freshly charred barrels add spicy and woody notes. The different types of wood used have helped create a whisky with a fiery yet light and smoky yet smooth character, full of striking contrasts.

Lagavulin 10 Year Old is a rare and wonderful innovation from an incredibly skilled team of experts with over 200 years of craftsmanship. This iconic Scotch whisky is the embodiment of the legendary island of Islay, from where this richly textured whisky derives its intense and remarkable nose of smoky and salty sweetness.

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