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John Walker & Sons Odyssey is a celebration of the epic journeys their whiskeys undertook in the early years of the 20th century, as they traveled the ocean to every corner of the world.

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Volume 70cl
Spirit Whisky
Country Scotland
Alcohol content 40,0%
Contains case Yes

This rare Triple Malt was created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge to evoke the scents and sensations of this definitive era.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey is made from just three extraordinary Single Malts, carefully blended and united in oak casks to give it the intricate layers of flavor and impart an exquisite smoothness.

This elegant whiskey has a distinctive deep reddish hue that hints at pleasant and juicy tannins. With the first sip, caramel and honey emerge followed by cooked berries, smoked walnuts and delicate citrus notes. The finish is sublime - a flawless, rich smoky flavor that seems to last forever.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey is presented in an ultra-modern glass decanter, in an ingenious and elegant box that allows it to freely swing forward or backward without falling.

This, in homage to Johnnie Walker Swing's ingenious nautical decanter, designed to stand upright even when your boat rocks with the swaying of the waves.

John Walker & Sons Odyssey se presenta en un decantador de cristal ultra moderno, en una caja ingeniosa y elegante que le permite oscilar libremente hacia delante o hacia atrás sin caerse.

Esto, en homenaje al decantador náutico ingenioso de Johnnie Walker Swing, diseñado para permanecer de pie aún cuando su barco oscilara con el vaivén de las olas.

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