Amur Beluga 10g Real Caviar

Real Caviar


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Real Caviar is the authentic caviar and in this they pour their passion so that our customers always have a top caviar.

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Country Russia
Package 10g

From Iran to Belarus and Moldova to the Amur River itself, they select the caviar analyzing the taste, the roe, the packaging process, the correct traceability and sanitary controls that guarantee that the product is optimal to be marketed under the brand's umbrella. Real Caviar.

Origin: Amur River
Sturgeon type: Huso Dauricius (Russian Beluga) x Acipenser Schrenckii
Roe size: 2-3mm
Recommended conservation: Between 0 and 4 degrees. Once opened, between 0 and 3 degrees and no more than 48 hours.
Expiration: Between 4 and 6 months once packaged.

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