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They've been making whisky the same way for over 200 years now. Orkney's surprisingly mild climate, coupled with their commitent to using only the finest quality sherry seasoned oak casks, means that their whisky matures slowly and quietly in their island warehouses, even while the wild winds rage outside.

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Volume 100cl
Spirit Whisky
Country Scotland
Alcohol content 40,0%
Contains case Yes

Preparing for battle, Viking warriors believed they could harness the great power and endurance of the great bear by wrapping themselves in its skins. These fearless warriors became known as "berserkers", their name being derived from the Old Norse words "ber" - bear and "sekr" - skin.

His home on the island of Orkney was under Viking rule for over 600 years and their myths and legends have become his own. Deeply smoky with bold spice, SPIRIT OF THE BEAR is inspired by the rugged nature and fierce independence of their Viking ancestors, characteristics that lie at the heart of their whiskey today.

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