Vermouth Iris Blanco (1L)

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Since 1850, the Vermouths Iris has been produced according to the traditional formula, based on a herbs tea together with aromatic plants; after a period of maceration an extract is thereforce introduced to selected wines, giving as a result this vermouth, so particular in aroma and taste.

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Volume 100cl
Country Spain
Alcohol content 16,0%

Iris is one of the most well known vermouths produced in Reus, the capital city for this beverage.

Our “Iris white Vermouth” has a crystal colour, a delicate aroma and a sharp taste. The base wine used for this product, is carefully blended with a selection of aromatic herbs, botanics, roots and particularly in this case, a higher citric and floral content as part of the infusion. Enjoy it nice and cold.

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