Vermouth Iris Rojo (1L)

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Since 1850, the Vermouths Iris has been produced according to the traditional formula, based on a herbs tea together with aromatic plants; after a period of maceration an extract is thereforce introduced to selected wines, giving as a result this vermouth, so particular in aroma and taste.

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Volume 100cl
Country Spain
Alcohol content 16,0%

Reus stands as a city of heritage when it comes to vermouth production and consumption with the “Iris Red Vermouth” as an example of it.

Its complexity and finesse comes as a result of blending about 150 mediterranean botanics that macerate as the ancient house recipe dictates since 100 years ago. Wormwood, rosemary, sage, anise and licorice among other botanics highlight the flavours and aromas.

The sweetness is smooth, warm, finding the right balance with the acidity and a slightly bitter ending. Enjoy it nice and cold.

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