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We all have a brother-in-law who knows everything and to whom when you tell him you bought a bargain, he lets you know he would have bought it for a lot less. Well this, and only this, is the pack of vermouth that your savvy brother-in-law would buy, and by the way, don’t forget to dedicate it to him to make him even angrier. Buy it and shut up!.


1 x Vermouth Dos Déus Origins Red Reserve

1 x Chips with Himalayan pink salt San Nicasio 150g

1 x Pickled mussels 8/12 pieces Dardo

1 x Clams in brine 20/30 pieces Dardo

1 x Cockles in brine 45/55 pieces Dardo

1 x Razorshells in brine 10/14 pieces Ovidio

1 x Salsa Espinaler 92ml

1 x Personalized dedication

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